Rearrange the blocks into the correct order. When you think you've got it, click the button below to check.

The website’s server processes your HTTP request and sends your browser all of the text, images, videos, and cookies it needs to display the website, storing them in the cache for next time.
You can now see the website and the picture of a frazzlebat!
You type the protocol, http://
The DNS sends the IP address to your browser
You type the path, /files/frazzlebat.jpg and hit “Enter”
The browser checks your cache memory to see if it already knows the IP address of the domain, but you’ve never visited the site before!
You open your internet browser
The browser creates a TCP connection with the web server that hosts the website.
The browser contacts a Domain Name Server to lookup the IP address of the web server that hosts the website.
You type the domain,