Hacking Smogville's Sustainable Future, Green Tech: Powered by Mouse

Smogville Story

The year was 2035. The place? Smogville, USA. The problem wasn’t fossil fuels, it was people. Those who thought they would never run out were wrong. The city doesn’t know it yet, but it is doomed.

Politicians and Scientists warned about the negative things that could happen when cities gobble up too much electricity. But they kept playing, talking, listening anyway. Consumption was king…

…and it ruled more than the people. Over many years, the weather changed. More rainstorms and hurricanes battered the once majestic cityscape, and now they were BIGGER THAN EVER!

Rivers and lakes swelled with the rains to flood the streets and buildings.

Then we ran out of gas and oil to burn at the power plant! We couldn’t use our phones or computers and there were no lights to turn on at night!

Will someone stop the villainous consumption driving Smogville to darkness? Will they find a way to create the power without destroying their town? Who will save the people of Smogville?