Managing Notifications

  • The Notifications area is accessed through the lightning bolt button in the top navigation of Mouse Create.
  • If you have new notifications since the last time you clicked into the Notifications area, you will see a number in a red circle on the lightning bolt. This number clears when you click into the area.
  • You’ll receive notifications for many different events on Mouse Create (see below for a list).
  • The left side of the notification has the avatar image of the user who prompted the notification. If the speech box around the avatar is gray, the notification is from a student. If it is green, the notification is from an educator.
  • To view a notification, click it. This will mark the notification as “read” and it will turn light gray.
  • Click the “see only unread” link at the top to show just the notifications that you haven’t already clicked to view.
  • If a new notification comes in while you are in the Notifications area, refresh the page in your browser to view it, or click to a different area of the site and return.

What types of notifications are there?

Notifications for All Users:

  • A user posted a comment to your work.
  • A user posted a reply to someone’s comment on your work.
  • A user replied to your comment.
  • A user submitted work with you as a collaborator.
  • Your group educator reviewed your work.
  • Your group educator awarded you a badge.
  • A notification message from your group educator to the entire group.
  • A notification message from Mouse HQ to all users on Mouse Create.

Educator-only Notifications:

  • A user has submitted work for your group.
  • A user has joined your group.