• 1/24/20

    Bug Fix: When working with very large groups, you can now select any student in your group as a collaborator.

  • 12/4/19

    Change: Facilitation notes in projects now default to On for Educator accounts.

  • 9/18/19

    Bug Fix: The microproject carousel in the Project Gallery has been optimized and will now load much faster.

  • 8/1/19 Registration and Login Changes

    Change: Users can now login to Mouse Create with either thier email address or their username.

    Change: Birthday month and date, gender, and eithnicity are now optional on registration for students.

  • 6/21/19 Registration Changes

    Change: Users no longer have to fill in the city and state their school is in on registration.

    Change: Users can no longer register with a username that is an email address. Users who registered previously can continue using their email address as their username.

  • 3/6/19 Course Pages Release

    New: Each Course on Mouse Create now has a page with information about the course and a list of the projects in the course, and projects recommended to be completed along side the course. This is in addition to the Course Directory. on this help website.

  • 1/4/19 Content Release: Scratch 3 Updates

    New: Mouse's Serious Games course has been updated for Scratch 3. There is more information about this course and all other Mouse courses in the Course Directory.

  • 10/30/18

    Bug Fix: The Group area loading has been optimized and should be faster.

    Change: Users now see a note about membership types on projects their membership does not have access to.

  • 10/17/18 Mouse Create Homepage Release

    New: Mouse Create has a new homepage featuring information about the platform and a video.

  • 9/18/18 Content Release: Video Creator

    New: Mouse's new Video Creator course is now on Mouse Create! There is more information about this course and all other Mouse courses in the Course Directory.

  • 6/15/18

    Change: The project interface on Mouse Create is now easier to navigate. The 'Project Background' has become the Plan tab, and the 'Review and Submit' step has become the Submit Work tab.

    Change: Required prompts from project steps are now also shown on submitted work.

  • 2/15/18

    Bug Fix: When resetting a password there is now a clear error message if the password entered is shorter than 7 characters.

  • 2/14/18

    Change: Badges, Group Work and the Members of a group are now easier to access as separate tabs

    New: The Group Work table can now be filtered by Project Name, Group Member name, or Review Status.

    Change: Students can now easily see work submitted by other members of their groups.

  • 12/20/17

    Bug Fix: Editing categories in My Work area redirects to correct page.

    Bug Fix: 'Load More' button in the Project Gallery now works as expected.

    Bug Fix: 'Add to Group' feature in Project Finder only shows active groups.

  • 9/26/17 Content Release: Digital Portfolios

    New: Mouse's new Digital Portfolios course is now on Mouse Create! There is more information about this course and all other Mouse courses in the Course Directory.

  • 9/25/17

    Bug Fix: File uploads from Chromebooks are working correctly.

  • 8/1/17 Content Release: Sewable Tech

    New: Mouse's new Sewable Tech course is now on Mouse Create! There is more information about this course and all other Mouse courses in the Course Directory.

  • 7/21/17 Release: My Work

    New: Mouse Create profiles now have a “My Work” tab. This tab contains a card for each project that an individual user submitted, or collaborated on. Clicking on this card will display a the submitted project work, any discussion related to the work, and a new “Manage” tab.

    New: Users are now able to categorize their work. Also on the My Work tab are custom categories for organizing and exporting work. Categories are created on the My Work tab, and deleted by clicking the “delete” button after clicking on the category name. Work is added to a category from the Manage tab of a project work page.

    New: Users are able to export work from Mouse Create in a .zip file. A single project is exported by clicking the “Export All” button at the bottom of the project work page. Projects collected into a category are exported by clicking the “Export” button at the top of the My Work page after clicking on a category name.

  • 5/25/17 Release: Comments and Notifications

    Change: View for submitted project work is updated and has an added “Discussion” section.

    New: Users are now able to add comments and replies to comments to submitted project work in the “Discussion” section.

    New: Users now have a list of notifications about activity on Mouse Create relevant to their account. This list is accessed from the lightning bolt icon in the navigation bar. Notifications for youth accounts include: new comments and replies on submitted work or comments, being tagged as a collaborator, submitted work being reviewed, badge being awarded. Notifications for educator accounts include: new comments and replies on submitted work or comments, new users joining group using group code, youth account has submitted work in your group.

    New: Users can mark a comment with a star icon to share something they like, a question icon to ask a question or a lightbulb to share an idea or suggestion about the work.

    New: Educators can now send short notifications to group members from their Group page in the Members area.

    New: Mouse Create administrators can send site-wide notifications to all users.

  • 2/7/17 Release: Navigation Changes, Group and Member management updates and Responsive Layout

    Change: Mouse Create now has a responsive layout that improves the user experience on mobile devices.

    Change: The main navigation header has been updated. New icons make it easier to find the Project page, Group page, and Profile page.

    Change: The My Groups page has been added. This page allows users to switch their active group. The dashboard page and group switcher in the header have been removed.

    Change: Educators can now archive members of their group from the Manage link next to the list of Group members. Archived members can no longer access the Group page, but any work previously submitted by that member will display on the Group's tracking tables. Archived members can rejoin the group using the group code, or by being unarchived by an Educator in the Group.

    Change: Educators who have entered more than one Educator Code can now select the site they want a new group to be associated with.

    Change: The flow for user login has been updated. After logging in users in one group will go straight to the Group page. Users in two groups will go to the My Groups page.

    Bug Fix: The favicon has been fixed.

    Change: A touch icon has been added for saving Mouse Create to the home screen on mobile devices.

    Language Change: The last step in every project is now called 'Project Background' (formerly 'Mission Background').

    Language Change: Genders in registration form are now listed in alphabetical order.

    Language Change: The prompt for users to add collaborators to a project submission now reads 'Select Collaborators' (formerly 'Confirm Collaborators').

    Change: Usernames on Group pages now link to that user's profile.

    Change: When a group has no projects submitted or no users eligible for badges text appears instead of the project and badge tracking tables.

    Change: There is a new page for joining a group. Educators can also create a new group from this page.

    Change: The title at the top of the Review & Submit step on projects is now Review & Submit (formerly My Project Work).

    Change: Users with Credly accounts connected to their Mouse Create account now see 'Credly Account Active' on the Credly connect button.

    Change: There are now next step and previous step buttons at the top of each step.

    Bug Fix: The next step and previous step buttons on projects now navigate to the top of the step.

    Change: There is a new error message for users who enter Group Codes or Educator Codes that are not valid.

    Language Change: The button to save work now reads 'Save' (formerly 'Save Asset'). The text on the file upload window now reads 'Accepted file types: ' (formerly 'Accepted').

    Language Change: Public badge evidence pages now read 'Earned By:' instead of 'Users' before the list of users who collaborated.

    Change: The server error page now has a gif and prompts users to email help@mouse.org (formerly read 'Whoops, it looks like something went wrong').

  • 12/8/16

    Bug Fix: Educator users no longer have to log out and back into Mouse Create after adding their first group to see it in the navigation.

    Bug Fix: Now when you click 'Next Step' or 'Previous Step' in a project, the page will scroll to the top of the step.

  • 11/21/16

    Bug Fix: Fixed a bug on the registration form where you wouldn't receive an error message if you entered a phone number incorrectly. This made it seem like the form was broken because the register button didn't seem to work. Now, the phone number field only allows numbers and gives an error if you don't fill it in completely.

  • 11/16/16

    Change: Updated the account registration form to make it more clear for the user which type of account they are creating: a student or educator account.

    Bug fix: Resolved a bug where users would sometimes get a '404 undefined' error when clicking on a project from the Project Finder.

  • 11/3/16

    New: Educators can now edit students' usernames, emails and passwords from Manage Members area of Group page.

    Bug fix: Resolved an issue that prevented educators and students from viewing recent work submitted for different groups on other users' profiles. Now, when users submit a project, the group that you submitted the project to will be displayed on the project evidence and in the Recent Work Log on your profile.

  • 10/21/16

    New: Facilitation Notes feature added to all projects. Users can now toggle on or off instructional notes on many project steps that support the facilitation of the project for an educator.

  • 10/19/16

    New: Added Projects 2 and 3 to Mouse Educator Course

    New: Published Mouse Educator Badge 1 and Mouse Educator Badge 2

    Update: Educator Project 1 renamed. The Educator Course is: 1. Educators: All about Mouse Create, 2. Educators: Awarding Badges, 3. Educators: Planning the Year

  • 10/13/16

    New: The step you are on in a project is now highlighted with bold text in the list of steps.

  • 10/3/2016

    Bug fix: file attachments to project work now download correctly

  • 9/29/2016

    New: October Microproject added “Haunted House Music”

  • 9/28/2016

    New: added link to the Mouse Wire in the main navigation

    New: added new help site for Mouse Create: https://tools.mouse.org

  • 9/22/2016

    Bug fix: profile avatars now display correctly on your own profile

    New: usernames now appear in Group members area

    New: added “Model Something Real in CAD” project to the Intro to Design course

  • 9/20/2016

    Bug fix: users are now eligible for badges with projects they submitted as collaborators

  • 9/19/2016

    Bug fix: “Next Step” button no longer broken on Chrome

  • 9/15/2016

    New: added the “Mouse Educator” course

    New: added “Welcome to Mouse Create” project in the Mouse Educator course

    New: added “Moving to the CAD World” project in the Intro to Design course

  • 9/10/2016

    New: added “Mouse Create Scavenger Hunt” project

  • 9/9/2016: Soft Launch of Mouse Create (Beta)

    102 projects

    10 courses

    32 badges shareable via Credly.com

    Credly.com account creation through profiles

    Project finder and project tagging

    Student and educator registration

    Group creation for educators

    Educators can create multiple groups

    Users can join multiple groups

    Group Switcher feature

    Educator created Playlists for each group

    Project tracking and review

    Badge tracking and issuing

    User profiles

    Show your work: uploads and documentation

    Multiple collaborators for projects

    Users can submit work for projects multiple times

    Shareable evidence pages for badges

    Public and private school database at registration

    SSL encryption for security/privacy

    Embedded videos within projects

    Forgot password tool